The Mirror Protocol

Automated Diversification

The first of its kind peer generated Blue Chip Diversification Platform. The mirror protocol allows individuals to elect their primary reward and stake to participate in a peer based staking ecosystem.

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The Mirror Protocol

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Mirror Protocol

The Mirror Protocol exists for the purpose of allowing participants in each of the projects the ability to benefit from transaction volume both within the micro and macro ecosystems. Individuals receive rewards from the protocol they’ve directly purchased as well as rewards from all protocol transactions when the token is staked.

Protocol Tokenomics

The Mirror Protocol Tokens have an 11% token fee for all transactions.


LIO-Gas Station

View more information about the LIO-G. Play Video


BBTF Rewards

Sends BNB from swapback to BBTF Distributor, uses BNB to buy BBTF, sends to holders


Blue Chip Rewards

Sends BNB from swapback to MP Distributor, uses BNB to buy MP designated token, sends to holders


Liquidity Injection

Sends BNB and Mirror Protocol designated token to the Mirror Protocol LP-Pair


MP Staking Rewards

The Mirror Staking Pool offers diversified rewards based on the volume of each token traded.


Reward Treasury 

The Reward Treasury allows the protocol to acquire and trade digital property. 


Operations Wallet

Sends BNB from swapback to wallet which is utilized for sustaining operations.

Stake your Mirror Protocol token and benefit from the ecosystem

Experience the benefit of multi-ecosystem staking rewards.

Want to earn blue chips?

Our rewards are distributed to Mirror Protocol holders at the time of distribution.